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Some cute for your Tuesday/Wednesday.

UTAU Spotlight: Whales, Ghosts, and Moths, Oh My!

This is the first of what will hopefully be a series in where I seek out UTAU's on NicoVideo and show off the ones I like.

First of all, we have Soyatsu, who is presumably a ghost with a lovely soft voice.

Next up is Libra, who has (imo) a nice design and a cute voicebank.

Tamahanda has multiple voicebanks, including this really nice quality multipitch:

This video has multiple voicebank releases, including an UTAU called Mushi-san, who's a bug...thing?

This UTAU is pretty cute. She's a moth!

Finally, we have Zinbe, who is a whale...with human arms and legs. Even though he isn't the greatest UTAU in the universe, I like him because he's certainly unique.

Percy Q. Ghost Release!

Percy Q. Ghost has been released! He can be downloaded from his page on the main website.

Percy Q. Ghost Concept Art

Update 7/3

-Demo for Percy Q. Ghost has been uploaded!

-Two voicebanks have been recorded for Setebos: a belt extension to his CORE bank and CVVC Syo list Chinese.

[UTAU DEMO] Chocolate Train [Percy Q. Ghost]

Demo of Percy Q. Ghost.

Setebos Dressed As Robotnik.

Setebos-nik by abyssalCompiler on DeviantArt

Because I could.

Stuff I Like: Overseas UTAU/Vocaloid Originals!

Recently, I went on a binge of overseas UTAU and Vocaloid originals. Here are some I really like:

Update! 7/1

Percy Q. Ghost by abyssalCompiler on DeviantArt

I'm working on yet another UTAU release: Percy Q. Ghost! This guy I happened to record a while back and only made a design for him lately.

Anyway, he's not a part of the QuarkLoids series and is basically an "experimental" voicebank.

Setebos Human Concept Art