UTAU Spotlight: Whales, Ghosts, and Moths, Oh My!

This is the first of what will hopefully be a series in where I seek out UTAU's on NicoVideo and show off the ones I like.

First of all, we have Soyatsu, who is presumably a ghost with a lovely soft voice.

Next up is Libra, who has (imo) a nice design and a cute voicebank.

Tamahanda has multiple voicebanks, including this really nice quality multipitch:

This video has multiple voicebank releases, including an UTAU called Mushi-san, who's a bug...thing?

This UTAU is pretty cute. She's a moth!

Finally, we have Zinbe, who is a whale...with human arms and legs. Even though he isn't the greatest UTAU in the universe, I like him because he's certainly unique.


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