Update 7/3

-Demo for Percy Q. Ghost has been uploaded!

-Two voicebanks have been recorded for Setebos: a belt extension to his CORE bank and CVVC Syo list Chinese.

[UTAU DEMO] Chocolate Train [Percy Q. Ghost]

Demo of Percy Q. Ghost.

Setebos Dressed As Robotnik.

Setebos-nik by abyssalCompiler on DeviantArt

Because I could.

Stuff I Like: Overseas UTAU/Vocaloid Originals!

Recently, I went on a binge of overseas UTAU and Vocaloid originals. Here are some I really like:

Update! 7/1

Percy Q. Ghost by abyssalCompiler on DeviantArt

I'm working on yet another UTAU release: Percy Q. Ghost! This guy I happened to record a while back and only made a design for him lately.

Anyway, he's not a part of the QuarkLoids series and is basically an "experimental" voicebank.